100% Moringa Oil for Skin & Hair


 An oil better for you, and the farmers of Tamil Nadu, India. Moringa What brings you the only 100% indigenous sourced oil. 

A must have in your self-care routine, you can use it in your hair, on your body as an emollient, a cleansing oil, rich in omega fatty acids & antioxidants which comforts your skin and hair. Cleansing, nourishing, all in one product that you will feel proud to own. Naturally microbial, it also balances out the oils in your skin as the oils are similar to the oil produced in your skin & it can help treat dark spots with it being significantly high in vitamin C. 

The 100% Moringa Oil, that comes from the Moringa tree, is high in oleic acid and tocopherols, like vitamin E, so it provides you with a wonderful application experience with it having a long lasting soft texture on your face. These characteristics also translate to Moringa oil being used as a hair treatment. 

Moringa What’s multi-purpose single ingredient Moringa Oil is cold-pressed from mature indigenous variety of Moringa seeds in small batches, ensuring freshness and purity. 

Full Ingredients List

Moringa oleifera seed oil

How To Use

A versatile, stable, high quality oil for skin & hair. Face Oil: Massage 3 drops across your face, neck, hair or any dry area in your body. Application can be done either in the morning or evening. If you opt for the morning, best application would be before you SPF. The evening application should be your last step in your evening routine to help seal in all the great products before you. Face Cleansing Oil: Apply a few drops, massage onto skin and wipe-off with a damp reusable cloth. Body: Apply a few drops, massage over damp skin and leave on. Dry, itchy skin will love this oil. Hair: Leave on serum for dry frizzy hair, hair growth & deep scalp treatment. Apply Moringa Oil on the ends towards your roots. Or daily to enhance your curls & waves.

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Who Should Use It

Complements all skin types.

Main Benefits

Reduces fine lines/wrinkles, enhances the overall look of the skin & calms inflammation.
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100% Moringa Oil for Skin & Hair

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